Our proofreading service from Berlin would like to provide you with a transparent price calculation. We hope that the following prices will give you a clearer picture of how we set our fees. For the final price, please refer to our individual offer, which we’ll submit to you after you’ve contacted us.

We base our prices on those recommended by the Association of Freelance Editors (VFLL) as well as on the current prices offered by members of the Professional Association of Freelance Copywriters.

Academic Proofreading - for students

Package 1: Academic Proofreading "light"€5.00 / standard page
Package 2: Academic Proofreading "BASIC"€5.50 / standard page
Package 3: Academic Proofreading "COMPLETE"€6.00 / standard page

1 standard page = 1,600 characters


Additional services:

Plagiarism-check (up to 150 pages)€30.00
Final reading (after first proofreading and review)€5.00 / standard page
Transcription of interviews, speeches etc.€2.99 / minute

Business proofreading - for companies

Package 1: Business proofreading "light"€6.00 / standard page
Package 2: Business proofreading "BASIC"€7.00 / standard page
Package 3: Business proofreading "COMPLETE"€8.00 / standard page

*1 standard page = 1,600 characters

If you prefer, we can also charge by the hour. In this case we calculate €40.00 (excl. VAT) per hour.



German proofreading

Package 1: Proofreading "light"€6.00 / standard page
Package 2: Proofreading "BASIC"€7.00 / standard page
Package 3: Proofreading "COMPLETE"€8.00 / standard page

Proofreading of books - for authors, publishers and publishing houses

Proofreading of prose works€8.00 / standard page
Proofreading of books for children€8.00 / standard page
Proofreading of non-fiction and reference books€9.00 / standard page
Proofreading of other specialised literature€9.00 / standard page


Package 1: Transcription "word by word" 
(contains one-to-one transcriptions of the spoken word)
€50,00 / 15 minutes
Package 2: Transcription "optimised" 
(includes Proofreading "BASIC")
€75,00 / 15 minutes
Package 3: Transcription "COMPLETE" 
(this results in an editorially revisded verbatim record)
€500,00 / 60 minutes


If you’re interested in any of our transcription packages, please send us an audio sample in advance.

The prices are rounded up per quarter of an hour. Example: for 37 minutes of recording, 45 minutes – in other words, (3 x 15) minutes – would be billed to you.


from €1.60 / standard line (1 standard line = 55 characters, including spaces)

When you place a formal request for our order, this means you’re accepting our general terms and conditions (T&C). These – as well as all prices – apply to the firm HAUPTSTADTSTUDIO FREIER LEKTOREN based in Berlin. All prices are calculated with 19% added for VAT.

Our minimum service price is €40.00 (excl. VAT).


What's the best way to pay for our services?

You’ll always receive an invoice from us featuring your name and outlining the service we’ve provided, the amount charged for this service, and our bank details. You can pay us via a straightforward bank transfer. For particularly urgent cases or for payments at the weekend, we also offer bank transfers via PayPal.

Please note: for private customers/individuals, we’ll generally ask for the full amount to be paid in advance for amounts up to €500. For sums over €500, and to cover our costs, we’ll usually ask for 50% to be prepaid. But if you’d prefer to discuss payment options beforehand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.