Would you like to have your text translated or to have a translated text proofread?

We can translate your texts from the original language, and we can also proofread and edit already translated texts. For this, all you need to do is request from us your target language.

With a foreign-language proofreading, we refine and enhance your text in close consultation with you. We pay close attention to the image you want to present and how best to show your products and enterprise in the best possible light. We also make sure your message is as clear and attractively formulated as it can be.

from €1.60 (excl. VAT) per standard line (1 standard line = 55 characters)


We translate and proofread texts from the following business areas:

  • business, economics and finance
  • medicine, medical technology
  • industry, technology and engineering
  • print media
  • specialist media and textbooks
  • apps
  • TV spots and advertising
  • conference programmes and brochures
  • culture, sightseeing and tourism
  • marketing, advertising, press releases and PR
  • image material and product brochures
  • factual texts and non-fiction articles
  • autobiographies and memoirs
  • legal texts
  • travel and tour guides
  • educational materials
  • databases
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • contracts
  • instructions for use and operating manuals
  • websites, internet content, internet landing pages and home pages
  • blogs, posts and other online content