Transcription of Interviews, Podcasts, Conferences and more

Do you need a transcription? Would you like to have your interviews, panel discussions or podcasts transcribed?

Whether word for word, including proofreading or even edited – our (tape) editors are your competent contacts in the field of transcription (this service is also available in German).

What services do we offer in the area of transcription?


With us you can choose from the following 3 service packages:

Package 1: Transcription "Word for Word"

Package 2: Transcription "optimised" (contains Proofreading "BASIC")

Package 3: Transcription "COMPLETE" (editorially revised transcription)


Package 1: Transcription “Word for Word”

In our “Word for Word” transcription service package we transcribe the spoken word – that is, the verbatim speech. As a rule, we don’t optimise the linguistic design is or correct the content during transcription.

The “Word for Word” transcription service package includes:

  • the correct recording of verbatim speech
  • orthography (spelling)
  • application of the spelling recommended by a variety of dictionaries (the OED, Chambers, Merriam-Webster, Duden, etc.)
  • hyphenation
  • typography (e.g., protected spaces for numbers and units, etc.)
  • recording or omitting events (telephone rings, etc.)
  • internet research of technical terms
  • time stamps (by arrangement)
  • line numbering
  • time stamps for terms still to be researched or for unclear parts of a recording


00 - 15 minutes€50.00 net (same day delivery possible)
15 - 30 minutes€100.00 net (same day delivery usually possible)
30 - 60 minutes€200.00 net (same day delivery usually possible)
per 60 minutes€200.00 net (delivery approx. every two days)


Orders over 60 minutes are always rounded up to the next half hour.

Speed service: 25-minute interviews are available after approx. 2 hours (€50 surcharge, assuming good sound quality, sound file is available by 8 p.m. at the latest).

What you get in return:

  • Recording written by the editor
  • 15 minutes = approx. 6 to 7 A4 pages
  • 30 minutes = approx. 12 to 14 A4 pages
  • 60 minutes = approx. 25 to 27 A4 pages

After consultation, we can omit redundancy and slips of the tongue from the transcription, or we can remove pauses and conversational tics (paralanguage) from the material – for example, in expressions like:

  • “as I said”, “as I explained earlier”
  • “and we have already talked about this earlier”
  • “and these are exactly the… so the participants – these are exactly the ones who then...”
  • “I don’t know now… so look, it could be that...”
  • “It could be – well, it could be that...”


Package 2: Transcription “optimised”

(includes Proofreading “BASIC”)


The service package “Transcription optimised” includes the services of the transcription service package “Word for Word”, but is supplemented with our proofreading “BASIC” offer. We revise the following:

  • grammar
  • syntax (sentence structure)
  • expression
  • style

In addition, we ensure consistency of spelling, for example when it comes to:

  • technical terms
  • German-English word combinations
  • proper names
  • abbreviations
  • old and new spelling


00 - 15 minutes€75.00 net (same day delivery possible)
15 - 30 minutes€150.00 net (same day delivery usually possible)
30 - 60 minutes€350.00 net (same day delivery usually possible)
per 60 minutes€350.00 net (delivery approx. every four days)


For orders over 60 minutes we round up to the next half hour.

What you get in return:

  • 15 minutes = approx. 6 to 7 A4 pages (proofread)
  • 30 minutes = approx. 12 to 14 A4 pages (proofread)
  • 60 minutes = approx. 25 to 27 A4 pages (proofread)

Package 3: Transcription “COMPLETE”

(editorially revised transcription) – from €500.00 per recording hour

Our transcription service package “COMPLETE” includes the transcription service packages “Word for Word” and “optimised”.


In addition, we offer the following:

  • Arrival on site/participation in the session
  • Recording of speakers (order) and attendees
  • Capturing of heckling and other unforeseen (“off mic”) events
  • Use of your format template
  • Formatting of the text according to your specifications
  • Correct reproduction of the spoken word in terms of subject matter and content
  • Revision of the text for comprehensibility, plausibility and logic
  • Revision of the text for coherence of what was said
  • Creation of a list of terms/style guide

The result is a print-ready text.

* Travel costs: €0,30 per kilometre for travel to and from the event (+ overnight expenses, if applicable).

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What kinds of material do we transcribe?

  • audio files
  • video files
  • interviews
  • meetings both in-person and online
  • discussions
  • podcasts
  • webinars
  • conferences and presentations
  • dictated material
  • consultancy and expert reports
  • medical texts
  • reports of findings

Who are our transcription clients?

Our customers in the field of transcription include lawyers and law firms, notaries, patent attorneys and court experts, medical institutions and care centres, insurers and reinsurers, specialist medical practices, market research institutes, students and many more.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in a wide range of specialist areas, we can guarantee competent and reliable support for you to complete your project.

How does transcription happen on our part?

You send us your material – preferably digital (usually in an mp3 or mp4 format) – and request a preliminary offer. We check all recordings for sound quality and give you an offer once we’ve come up with a realistic time frame for the transcription.

For digital recording, further processing and transmission, physical proximity is usually not required. We can exchange information can take place via e-mail or, in the case of larger data volumes, via services like WeTransfer or Dropbox. We are happy to use existing templates on request.

Recommendation: When using the Olympus handheld dictation device (Voice Recorder DS), the recording is made in the highly compressed DSS-Pro format, so that sending by e-mail is possible without any problems due to the small file size.

After consultation with you, we prepare the transcript. We also take into account special requests like time stamps, line numbering or transcription conventions.