Our academic editing service in Berlin not only proofreads and edits:

We also offer a plagiarism check for your Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, term paper, seminar paper, examination paper, diploma thesis, dissertation or other academic papers and theses.

The following topics are covered on this page:

What is a plagiarism check?

In the plagiarism check we offer, your document (usually a Bachelor thesis, Master thesis or dissertation) is checked for plagiarism using special software. In the process, your document is compared with millions of documents available online.

Passages in your work that seem to have been taken from other sources or which already appear elsewhere are made visible. These passages can be checked individually afterwards to see whether they have been named as sources. In most cases you will still discover isolated passages that have not been marked as acquired by you from other sources, and these will not be deemed as plagiarised. Ideally, with our plagiarism-checking service your checked document will end up not including any instances of potential plagiarism.

Our plagiarism-checking service aims to ensure that no passage in the text that could be construed as plagiarism on the part of the author has in fact been overlooked.

Do I need a plagiarism check?

Everyone has to address this question for themselves. You could just as well ask, “Do I need a spare wheel in the desert?” So a plagiarism check is not mandatory, but it’s definitely recommended by many institutions. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time preparing your thesis. You’ve tried to follow the guidelines: font, font size, citation styles, bibliography conventions, etc. In addition, you undertook a great deal of research, possibly conducted interviews and had them transcribed and arranged.

But unfortunately, you may have overlooked that one place in your work that you hadn’t mark as “cited”. This can be interpreted as plagiarism – result: a failed paper.

This is where our “spare wheel” comes into play: with the plagiarism check, possible plagiarism can be identified in advance, and the risk of being confronted with an accusation of plagiarism is then vanishingly small.

So, do you need a plagiarism check – in other words, to have your thesis, term paper or dissertation checked for possible instances of plagiarism? We’d certainly recommend one.

Note: According to some students we’ve worked with, final theses at their university are no longer checked for plagiarism only on a random basis, but consistently. For this reason, we think a plagiarism check should be an absolute must.

How much does the plagiarism check cost?

€30.00 (+ 19% VAT) for up to 150 pages. For more than 150 pages, we’ll provide you with an individually tailored offer.

How would I pay for a plagiarism check?

You’ll always receive an invoice from us detailing your name, the service we’ve provided, the amount and the bank details. You can pay us normally by bank transfer. For particularly urgent cases or for payments at the weekend, we also offer bank transfer via PayPal.

Please note that we safeguard ourselves against fraud by insisting on full prepayment for new customers.

What does the document look like after the plagiarism check?

During the plagiarism check, the software identifies and marks those parts that it has identified as plagiarised. So you’ll need to carefully review and revise these sections when you go through your work after the plagiarism check.

What do I do after the plagiarism check?

So the software has now finished checking your document. You’ll notice that the software has always set margin marks where it has identified a possible instance of plagiarism.

However, the software works so meticulously that it often marks text passages that do not actually constitute plagiarism – for example, common phrases like “as mentioned above”. It’s only natural that phrases like this appear in other texts. You can therefore ignore such passages and simply delete the software’s marginal comment on them.

In addition, the software also tends to mark affidavits (like statutory declarations that appear on the title pages of dissertations), acknowledgements and large parts of the bibliography. You needn’t worry about this either, because it’s only logical that these formulations have already appeared elsewhere in the relevant academic literature. So you can simply delete the marginal comments in these places as well.

However, you should be more worried if longer sentences have been marked out in their entirety – perhaps even two or three sentences at a time. This is not forbidden as such, but you’ll need to check whether you’ve marked these “adopted” passages as originating from another source, either by means of a footnote or a note in brackets.

So you’ll need to scroll through the entire work and weigh up in each individual case whether it’s a standard phrase or content adopted from elsewhere. In most cases, you’ll find that you’ve worked conscientiously enough. But there may still be a few places remaining in the text that you’ve not cited as coming from other sources. And that’s a risk no writer can afford to take.

How can I commission the plagiarism check?

Contact us – by phone or in writing.


Telephone: +49 (30) 755 41 38 - 9

E-mail: info@hauptstadtstudio-freier-lektoren.de

Describe your request and ask for a quote (please give us an estimate of the number of pages).

It’s best to send us all the texts that you want us to check.

Other questions – FAQs

What software do you use?

Of course, in order to remain competitive, we don’t want to show our cards. However, we use software that is subject to a fee and has always been among the top five in a range of surveys (for example, by various universities) and is one of the most recommended software packages on the market.

There is no single “miracle” software among the plagiarism-checking programs that outshines all other software packages. This is because the various software products achieve very different ratings in the various user surveys. There are only a few effective software programs and a great many that are not so useful. But we use one of the better ones. So far, we have not received a single complaint from a client who could’ve faced difficulties with their examiners or thesis supervisors because of plagiarism.

Will my work be uploaded anywhere in advance?

No. The software merely compares your work with existing online databases. Your work is not uploaded to any other systems or published in advance on any other platforms.